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What is nMongo for?

nMongo is a good choice when you need to build projects that access data to a MongoDB database, and for simplify repository operations.

What are the advantages of nMongo?

  • Easy coding of CRUD operations with MongoDB
  • Simple and complete structure of your entities' repositories
  • Full persistency control and error handling at each operation
  • Complete intetegration with native language, using your favorite querying style in .NET, such as LinQ and Lambda Expressions
  • Simple and standardized operations methods, such as Insert, Delete, Select, and many others

How do I use nMongo?

Just install the nMongo library file, downloading the package at CodePlex or via NuGet.

You may read the nMongo Quickstart Guide before start the simple use.

If you also want to know all the nMongo usage, you may read the complete reference below.
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Connection Configuration
    • Auto-detected connection string
    • Specifying connection configuration at repository
    • Specifying connection configuration at a MongoEngine object
  • Using MongoRepository
    • Define a repository for an entity
    • Save methods (Insert and InsertOrUpdate)
    • Delete methods (Delete, DeleteAll and DeleteById)
    • Retrieve methods (Exists, GetById, GetSingle and Select)
    • Build specific repository queries with LinQ
    • Using underlying connection and repository collections
  • Entity Configuration
    • Optional MongoCollection attribute
    • Using MongoDB Driver BSON attributes
    • Required conventions

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