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nMongo is a framework for MongoDB data operations performed in .NET, using Official MongoDB C# Driver.

Released Features

  • Repository Methods
    • GetSingle and GetById
    • Insert and InsertOrUpdate (all with single object or object list)
    • Select and Exists
    • Delete, DeleteAll and DeleteById (all with single object or object list)
  • Operations Control
    • WriteConcern options
    • Simple result (boolean for single operations and numeric for multiple operations)
    • Full result (with WriteConcernResult as an output parameter)

nMongo is a good choice when you need to build projects that access data to a MongoDB database, and for simplify repository operations.

In nMongo, you can use your own .NET classes and patterns, and you have safety when handling errors and persistency states of your classes.

All the features (wihout persistency control) are 100% tested and all the tests are 100% passed.


Download nMongo from CodePlex or install using NuGet. When using NuGet, you may also download the package direct from Visual Studio.

NuGet Package

Current release version is beta.
Beta means the release is stable, but some features are not tested yet. The curent beta state reffers to all the features 100% tested, except for the Persistency Control feature.

Alpha Features

You may also download this untested features (alpha) with the source code:
  • Persistency Control
    • Object control states (Retrieved, Saved, Removed, and 2 others)
    • Automatic persistency control option
    • Manual persistency control option
  • Graveyard Control
    • Automatic detects collections marked with MongoMortalCollection and put deleted documents into the collection's graveyard
    • Manual option of AddToGraveyard method as a repository extension

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